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Theodore C. Smith, MS


Welcome! My name is Theodore (Theo) Smith. I'm a native of Northeast Ohio. I grew up in a rural county enjoying reading and and all pursuits of knowledge. When I went off to college at Case Western Reserve University, I reveled at a chance to further that knowledge and learned a great deal about myself and my goals as a scientist. 

Instead of immediately pursuing a medical career, I chose to take some time and apply to an anatomy graduate program. During my Master's degree, I fell in love with teaching anatomy and developed a strong fascination with educational and evolutionary medicine research. 

This led me to my current program at Indiana University that focuses on educational research and teaching anatomy for many different populations. At IU, I studied under Dr. Valerie O'Loughlin and Dr. Polly Husmann learning several different experimental methods in educational research as well as developing pedagogy skills. Working with Dr. Husmann, I investigated the use of modeling in the learning of perineal anatomy (more on that project here) and how undergraduate students developed metacognitive skills using online mediums (more on that project here)


I was also lucky enough to study under Dr. Sharlene Newman, an IU psychology faculty member and then head of the IU Imaging Research Facility. She is research mentor for my dissertation project that utilizes fMRI to examine the neurosemantics and cognitive skills of undergraduate anatomy students and anatomy experts (more on that project here).

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