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Course Evaluations (Indiana University)

Below are my evaluation reports for several courses. Anatomy A215: Basic Human Anatomy Lab evaluations were completed through a university service at the end of the semester. Human Structure (Medical Gross Anatomy, Embryology, and Histology with Lab) were given to students by the main course instructors. M300 Evolutionary Anatomy evaluations were completed in a post-semester survey presented by me (there were only 4 students enrolled so the university did not perform course evaluations).

a215 lab 1.jpg

Course Evaluations Anatomy A215 Lab, Associate Instructor

Fall 2016: 2 Sections in aggregate

Spring 2017: Section 1 and Section 2

Fall 2017: Section 1 and Section 2
Spring 2018: Section 1

Spring 2019: Section 1

Summer 2019: Section 1

Course Evaluations Human Structure (Medical School), Associate Instructor

Fall 2018: Evaluations

Course Evaluations M300 Evolutionary Anatomy, Course Director

Sprin 2019: Evaluations

a215 lab 2.jpg
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