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Diversity Equity, and Inclusion

As an openly queer educator and scientist, ensuring that everyone has equal access and equal opportunity to education is an important part of my work as an educator and researcher. It is a continuing experience and I am always looking to learn more.

Sexual Minority Identity in First-Year Medical Students

In 2018 and 2019, I completed a qualitative study examining how our sexual minority first-year medical students navigated our medical curriculum. The results of that study are presented in the poster below. I hope to in the near future, complete this study at a multi-institutional level. If you are interested in having your institution join, contact me here.

Based off these results, I worked with first-year instructors to a) inform them of the unique challenges this student population faces and how they can help and b) help create authentic curricular interventions to reveal unique LGBTQA+ health issues. This endeavor lead to the creation of my Handout for Medical Educators (see below or on the Resources Page) This past Spring I was lucky to spend a few hours discussing LGBTQA+ health disparities and my own experience with the health care system.

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